Place: Alzano Lombardo, San Martino Museum of  Sacred Art , Third sacristy
Year: 2015
Project team: Davide Fabio Colaci with Riccardo Panigada
Photography: Michele Nastasi
Client: Private
Web site:

The Museum of Sacred Art of San Martino, for the exhibition “Palma, masterpiece in Alzano” has decided to move the important Renaissance altarpiece by Palma il Vecchio in the prestigious Third Sacristy of the complex of San Martino. Historically, the Sacristy was a place between inside and outside, crossing point and service space for the community and clerics. The exhibiton place the altarpiece in the middle of the Sacristy as in a suspension ephemeral, in half-light immersive able to enhance the color quality and the devotional approach. The shadows on the walls and the support structure declare the theatricality of the temporary exhibition.