Place: Santa Maria di Leuca, Lecce
Year: 2019
Project team: Davide Fabio Colaci with Nicola Campri, Zhong Yan Ying and Margherita Sanfelici.
Client: Private
Status: ongoing

House CCC it’s a summerhouse designed for three families, which lies in an urban block of Santa Maria di Leuca in the Province of Lecce. The architectural volume comprised of three floors, one per household, is designed to optimize the options offered by local regulations. On the north side, a stepped façade creates a direct and experienced relationship with the street, enhancing rituals of living (covered and uncovered) outdoors overlooking the building. Differently, on the opposite side, a deep porch draws a more orderly façade that, preserves interiors spaces from sun lights, extends the width of the living area and provides a direct connection with the outside. In addition, the arcades overlook a “secret” court; a small sculpture’ garden playing with lights, shadow and water elements. Both Salentine white wall and different surface finishing’s of the leccese stone represent main material features which dominate the entire project, imagining a simple and Mediterranean sun-drenched architecture.