Davide Fabio Colaci was born in 1978 in Milan, where he lives and works. He studied between the Faculty of Architecture of Porto and the Politecnico di Milano where he graduated and obtained a Ph.D. in Interior and exhibition design with Andrea Branzi. In 2011 he founded his design studio with the aim of investigating the spaces and forms of contemporary life. He teaches interior design and scenography at the Faculty of Architecture and Society at the Polytechnic of Milan, he writes about projects collaborating with various newspapers.

Davide Fabio Colaci leads the studio with a view to understanding and developing the contemporary habitat. Neither a method nor a prefixed strategy, but every project is the opportunity to a new research toward the themes and the phenomena of the changing and the relations between the objects, space, life and territory. The atelier acts through an horizontal thinking among theory and practice, real and conceptual dimensions, by exploring the mobile scenario that crosses the architecture, causing new ambiental qualities. The studio is structured in two research areas: living and setting-up, lead by Margherita Sanfelici and Paola Maria Ostellino. The studio handle with the design and the renovation of domestic and commercial spaces in Italy and abroad, with a specific experience in restaurants and set exhibition, from product design to art works and events.

Margherita Sanfelici / Nicola Campri / Matteo Bassi / Valentina Chiesa

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