Place: Milan, Museum of Science and Technology, Sala delle Colonne
Year: 2013
Project team: MO EVENTI [Davide Fabio Colaci, Gherardo Frassa, Consuelo Maggini, Paola Ostellino]
Photography: Loris Sigah

OneSight is a foundation by Luxottica which works to improve the sight of million poor people providing them primary eye exams and cares and distributing eyeglasses all over the world. The exhibition was planned for a fundraising event in the Sala delle Colonne, in Milan Science Museum, and the purpose was to make a storytelling of their mission through a series of photographs by great masters. The pictures are printed in different sizes with a mirrored and reflective rear. The characters of the photos are reflected on the reverse side of the nearby photos, mixing the images of the visitors of the exhibition with the colors of the pictures. An experiential dimension that gives immersive and unique vision of the space.