Luogo: Teatro Arsenale, Milano
Anno: 2019
Team di progetto: Davide Fabio Colaci e Giuseppe Cirillo con Nicola Brasetti.
Foto: Pietro Cocco
Website: http://www.tacchini.it/it/journal/objects-stories-tacchini-al-teatro-arsenale/

Designers have always created the things that surround people and their habitat. Chairs, sofas, lamps and mirrors are objects that are part of our lives and our stories, like veritable characters, keeping secrets and telling tales about the people who designed, produced and wove them into the lives of those who own or desire them. An uncontrollable combination that the design world often struggles to convey.
Through drama, we imagine we can lead you into that lively world of furniture, armchairs and the like, which talk about “what we are”.