Place: Milano
Year: 2021
Project team: Davide Fabio Colaci with Matteo Bassi, Valentina Chiesa, Pietro Rava
Client: Private
Photography: Louis De Belle

«E cosa amerò se non ciò che è enigma?» De Chirico, verse at the base of the painting “Autoritratto”, 1911

Interno metafisico is a small apartment for temporary rentals located on the top floor of a building in the heart of NoLo. The project stems from the desire to give the flat an enigmatic and suspended atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the settings of metaphysical painting to create a stage that is both silent and welcoming for the daily actions of the owner, a twentieth-century art enthusiast and collector.

The project works on the theme of abstraction of the architectural elements of the domestic space, starting with the new linoleum floor, an indeterminate and continuous plane on which new and pre-existing elements seem to float. A large wooden surface panel hides the ante-bathroom area from the living area, and the three panels at the dining table take on the same enigmatic appearance, concealing appliances and pantry and the access to the attic.


A deep arch stands on the preserved portion of the marble Palladian floor, and intensifies the transition between the living room and the rooms.The insertion of a translucent laminate (Diafos) inside the original door frames gives an ethereal and yet domestic and warm atmosphere to the two rooms, reinterpreted in materials and colours as two variations on the same compositional scheme.