Luogo: Fertilia (SS)
Anno: 2019
Team di progetto: Davide Fabio Colaci con Margherita Sanfelici.
Foto: Max Rommel
Cliente: Giulio Iacchetti e famiglia

Fertilia is a town founded during Fascism. Small “new town” of the Alghero rural area in Sardinia, whose social reform pushed the so called “2PST” architects (Paolini, Petrucci, Silenzi, Tufaroli) to conceive its architectures by looking at the Italian culture classicism between rationalism and metaphysics. Inside one of its residential buildings, where a universe of constructive elements is reduced to pure forms, Giulio Iacchetti adopted it as place of vacation for him and its family.

The interior design is based on the use of elements and materials taking inspiration from those years, preserving space distribution and geometries of a soft and Mediterranean rationalism, quite far from overstated formalisms of the Fascist period. Linoleum as floor covering with contrasting inserts at the passage points between the rooms; blue, green and rose-colored cover portions of walls generating a gentle abstraction. The kitchen is just an equipped “dinette” made with local stones and concrete washbasin. Furnishings are chosen by its family tapping into Giulio’s projects and prototypes showing contemporary and traditional aspects of the Sardinian culture.